Grouting and Waterproofing

Camden Group is a specialty waterproofing and industrial coating company with offices in New York State and New Jersey. Camden Group services the Tri State area specializing in Chemical Grout injection, Epoxy injection, Below Grade waterproofing, Elevator pit waterproofing, Soil Stabilization, Industrial coatings & Mud/Slab Jacking etc..


Chemical Grouting

  • Urethanes
  • Acrylamides

Cementitious Grouting

  • Flowable Fill
    • Ultrafine
    • Microfine
  • Polymer modified
  • Portland based
  • Calcium Aluminate based
  • Fiber Reinforced

Curtain Grouting

Void Filling

Soil Stabilization

Slab Leveling

Tunnel Repair

Geo Technical Grouting