Manhole Rehabilitation

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  • Cementitious
  • Epoxy
  • Chimney Seals
  • Manhole Liners

Did you know that up to 40% of the Inflow and Infiltration in a sewer collection system comes from your manholes? Much of the infiltration finds its way through old degraded mortar in brick manholes, or seams and cracks in pre-cast structures.

Camden Group utilizes the latest formulations in high strength cementitious coatings, epoxies, urethane and hydraulic grouts. Application of monolithic cementitious coatings are performed utilizing pneumatic or electrically driven spinning heads. Unlike many competitors, Camden Group technicians also utilize spinning heads to apply epoxy coatings. By perfecting this technique Camden Group is able to apply epoxy coatings uniformly to exact thickness throughout the manhole.

Camden Group technicians are certified for the application of numerous coatings and manufactures, including: Avanti, Parson Environmental, Strong, Sauereisen, etc.

Check out this video of Camden Group Technicians applying a monolithic cementitious coating with an Epoxy overcoat to protect the manhole from Hydrogen Sulfide gases.

Projects Include:

  • Cobbs Creek Interceptor – City of Philadelphia, PA
  • Chambers Street Interceptor – City of New York, NY
  • Kime Avenue SSP Interceptor – County of Suffolk, NY
  • Manhole Rehabilitation – Williamsville, NY / Mexico, NY / Clinton, NY / Manlius, NY / Fulton, NY / Tonawanda NY / Andrews AFB, MD / Others
  • Wet Well Rehabilitation – Theresa, NY / Mexico, NY / Hamburg, NY / Others

Please contact us for project specifics and other projects you may be interested in.

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